Phoenix is a shoot ’em up arcade game developed by Amstar Electronics (which was located in Phoenix, Arizona) in 1980,released by Centuri in the United States and by Taito in Japan.Bootleg versions of Phoenix were released by TPN and others. Atari also ported the game to the Atari 2600 console in 1982.


Phoenix Remakes

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TrailBlazer Remake


>Trailblazer is a video game that requires the player to direct a ball along a series of suspended passages. Released originally by Gremlin Graphics for the Commodore 16/Commodore Plus/4, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Atari 8-bit and Amstrad CPC in 1986 (there was also an enhanced version on Amstrad CPC 3″ disc) it was subsequently ported in its original form to the Amiga and Atari ST.

It returned again in 2005 on the Gizmondo handheld games console.[1]

The game can be played either in time trial or arcade mode. The music in the background matches the gameplay with its electronica genre. Races are quite brief and usually last between 15 and 45 seconds. Special fields on the track let the ball jump, slow down, speed up or warp speed the ball, invert the controls or are holes.


>Blazing Trails II is a reimagining of an 8-bit game TrailBlazer. You must guide your quantum space ball across a series of drifting tracks whilst battling against meager time limits and limited jumps. Blazing Trails II uses modern graphics techniques and a realistic physics engine to bring a fresh feel to an old game!

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