>C64 Bad Apple :

A demonstration on the C64 that displays
and streams 2200 frames of animation at 12fps packed
onto a single side of a floppy (less than 200k)

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Amiga Cortex

Amiga Cortex


>The very low cost USB floppy emulator from ebay should be able to play some ADF files on my Amiga. Unfortunately these drives was unable to support/emulate the Amiga sectors encoding scheme and couldn’t work on Amiga computers… But now all of this is past…
Coding the the Gotek firmware can now be replaced by an Amiga compatible firmware. This firmware allows to load any ADF file present on the USB key and play it on the Amiga!

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KryoFlux is a USB-based floppy controller designed specifically for reliability, precision, and getting low-level reads suitable for software preservation. It’s here, it’s there and it’s working – today. This is the original developed by The Software Preservation Society.

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