Levitar 3D


Levitar 3D : Evolved is a complete rewrite of the original Levitar 3D game. This game can best be described as Lunar Lander meets Gravitar. Your primary mission is to destroy all enemy defenses and collect fuel to stay alive. In addition, there are sub-missions that must be completed as well. Destroying some enemy defenses and transporting them to a collector platform can present you with additional technology and weapon upgrades. At the conclusion of each mission you must land your ship on the landing pad. Landings are rated based on impact velocity and will affect your pilot rating. Pilot ratings in turn affect your total end-of-level bonus.

Enemy defenses consist of stationary particle cannons, mobile hover tanks and flying saucers. Enemy difficulty may increase after a completed mission.

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Panther Remake

Panther Remake
Panther Remake

Panther was a C64 game released by Mastertronic in 1988. In this game, the player piloted a strange-looking aircraft, fighting off hordes of invading flying saucers and rescuing people by landing the craft and waiting for them to board. The game used an isometric view, scrolling diagonally. The rescue portion of the game coupled with the isometric viewpoint made the game play very much like a combination of Choplifter and Zaxxon.

The game could be played by one or two players, alternating turns.

The C64 disk packaged Panther with L.A. SWAT, another Mastertronic game. The A-side of the disk contained the two programs from C64/128, while the B-side contained Atari 800XL/130XE versions.

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