Morning Star

<Morning Star is a Post Cyberpunk game where you ahve to manage a farming sim, the data and the computers in an original way of concept.

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Dragon’s Delusion

Dragon’s Delusion, an anime tale of emperors and cyborgs set in 1960s Hong Kong, looks very promising. Let’s take a quick look at it.

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<The Amiga nostalgic programmer Arana is almost ready to launch this Escape from Berlin or remake of Escape from New York Amiga video game, very intriguing!

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<Coma is a Metroidvania-style action game set in a cyberpunk Dystopian future inspired by classics. Play as a member of an elite squad of Megacorporations, explore industrialized districts to find hidden, optional areas, fight with competition’s mercenaries using your arsenal and abilities.

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<After nuclear war at the turn of the century, the citizens living on Earth in a post-apocalyptic year 2066 are divided into two distinct groups…

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How We thought Cyberpunk in 90S and How We think to it Nowadays


HOW WE THOUGHT TO CYBERPUNK IN 90S, just named Cyberpunk, is a 1990 documentary by Marianne Trench about the cyberpunk culture and it’s aspects. It covers topics such as hacking, virtual reality, mind machines, implants, cyber arts, literature, music, and it features interviews with

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