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>Making backups of old turbo-tapes to disk and notice that the quality was very poor on some tapes. So have a LOAD-IT datasette with a signal meter. Problem with it was, that You could turn the knob (head alignment) 45 degrees and still have same two(lousy) bars on the meter. There was a need for something more accurate when adjusting the alignment to get the best signal while reading the tapes.

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C64 Vic 20 Hardware Repair


Defects found on the Commodore VIC-20:

  • Error message (device not present) when trying to access the IEC devices, like a Floppy Drive.

Defects found on the Commodore 64:

  • Black screen of death after installing the missing roms.

The repair of the Commodore VIC-20 was made by replacing a HEX Inverter Buffer 7406.

The repair of the Commodore C64 was made by replacing the MOS 906114-01 (PLA – Programmable Logic Array).

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