Hawkeye Remake


>Hawkeye by Thalamus
had a potential sequel : Hawkeye 2 but never released .
Sort of Mutant Cyborg able to transform himself from soldier to hawk
he fights in a post-apocalyptic  era where also his enemies are able to transform themselves or get upgrades from what only Nature gave them .
A very blaster shooter in horizontal scrolling and frenetic music bass .

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Secret Doctrines of the Assassins

Secret Doctrines of the Assassins
Secret Doctrines of the Assassins


Secret Doctrines of the Assassins

Origins of the Nizari Isma’ilis

The Schism in Islam

“..In the year the Christian calendar calls AD 632, a schism even greater than the Reformation was to produce engulfed Islam. Its two great forces, the Sunnis and the Shi’ites, became irrevocably divided. The Shi’ites insisted that the leadership of Islam should have remained in the Prophet’s family and, upon his death, they had pledged their support to Mohammed’s cousin, Ali, who became Caliph or successor to the Prophet.”
– Gordon Thomas, Journey into Madness

“One of the most successful secret societies which the Shi’as founded was centered around the Abode of Learning in Cairo, which was the training-ground for fanatics who were conditioned by the most cunning methods to believe in a special divine mission. In order to do this, the original democratic Islamic ideas had to be overcome by skilled teachers, acting under the orders of the Caliph of the Fatimites, who ruled Egypt at that time.”
– Arkon Daraul, Secret Societies

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Moonstone Remake Preview

>Please Fill the Moonstone Remake Survey !

>It’s with great pleasure that We announce the Moonstone Remake
– Coding in Progress,the great Amiga based Videogame that back at 90’s
created a new genre of Middle Age Fantasy,
getting inspiration from one century of novels,movies,cartoons of epics sagas.


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