>Denver I.A. (Denver International Airport)


>The Blue Horse also named the Blue Apocalypse of Hell

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3NCrypt10n Programs


3ncrypt10n Programs

We tried to reach the Encryptdrop owners, but their Site is gone.
Encryptdrop, as the name itself implies, is a program for encrypting and decryptipting files.
We saved the latest non-shareware version of this program (V9B),
which still keeps different methods of encryption, for example: Serpent, Twofish, Cast-256 and AES.
It’s a small powerful program for Win32 that makes it’s job perfectly and has a nice interface.
The Encryptdrop programmers never released it for Open Source,
we just hope that they change their mind and continue the development of this program.
Here is direct download of it and a skin made by us for the interface included.

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From our Russian Division led by fmt:



Aleshenka Erashov (Russian: Алёшенька, Alyoshenka, a hypocoristic for the Russian male first name Alexey) was a small creature allegedly found in the village of Kaolinovy, near Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia in August 1996. Aleshenka was found by an old woman, Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina, who was mentally ill. The creature had an unusual appearance, giving rise to rumors of its extraterrestrial origin. The local population readily supported this rumor, collecting easy money from reporters for interviews – at least two Japanese companies (Asahi TV and MTV Japan) made documentaries about the creature.

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