LinguaListeK NSA


LinguaListeK NSA
-NSA cares about this stuff , they looked this article many times in past,
so we refresh their memory and our own one about it .
LinguaLISTek Talks the Talk, Expands in Columbia
By Mark R. Smith
By 1997, Elizabeth Rendon had reached a crossroads in her career. At that point, she had worked for different defense contractors and, upon exiting Booz Allen Hamilton’s BWI office, made the move to strike out on her own when she accepted her first development project from ASEC, a contractor.

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The Hidden (And Not So Hidden) Messages in Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”

Eyes Wide Open Decryption
Here some of most interesting points about
Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut by Mr.Kent Daniel Bentkowski
focusing only about the movie symbols/elements , and highlighting titles made by ourselves.

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