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>Back in 80’s videogames about pirates can count on some dozen of titles.. amongst them you may find Black Beard for ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and MSX..

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Colosseum by Topo Soft , was one of the Spanish software house for 8-bit home computers that emerged during the eighties. They were part of the Golden Era of Spanish Software. It disappeared due to economic problems in the nineties related with the late arrival of 16-bit computers in Spain. Some of its workers founded Pyro Studios in 1998.

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Gauntlet is a fantasy-themed hack and slash 1985 arcade game by Atari Games.
It is noted as being one of the first multi-player dungeon crawl arcade games.
Controversy came after the release of the game in the arcade and its subsequent port to the Nintendo Entertainment System. Ed Logg, the creator of Asteroids and Centipede, is credited for Original Game Design of Gauntlet in the arcade version, as well as the 1987 NES release version. After its release, John Palevich threatened a lawsuit, asserting that the original concept for the game was from Dandy (later Dandy Dungeon), a game for the Atari 800 computer written by Palevich in 1983. The conflict was settled without any suit being filed, with Atari Games doing business as Tengen allegedly awarding Palevich a Gauntlet game machine. Logg is taken off this credit in versions subsequent to the 1987 NES release. While he is credited as “special thanks” through 1986, his name is entirely removed from credits on later releases.Logg currently claims no involvement in the NES release.[5] The game Dandy which was the basis for the threatened lawsuit was later reworked by Atari and re-published for the Atari 2600, Atari 7800 and Atari XE as Dark Chambers in 1988,subsequent to the release of Gauntlet II in 1987.

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