<Timothy Leary was an american psychologist and writer known for his advocacy of psychedelic drugs as LSD in the late 60s and 70s,

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Stark : LSD Revolution

Stark : LSD Revolution

>Meet Ronald Stark : the man up to deal L.S.D. Traffic for U.S. Intel :


“…revolutions are not won by enlisting the masses. Revolution is a science for the few who are competent to practice it. It depends on correct organisation and above all,
on communications.”
Robert Heinlen

>Ronald Stark had been working with US intelligence agencies for at least 9 years by the time of his most infamous moment, a legendary meeting with the “hippie mafia” drug syndicate called The Brotherhood of Eternal Love. They were looking for a new supplier and Stark kicked off the meeting by showing them a kilogram of liquid LSD — for US readers, that’s 2.2 pounds of acid. Needless to say, his resume was persuasive. He claimed to have a dedicated lab in France, but it’s his political philosophy that really makes Stark such an interesting character:

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Valis A Sirius Satellite Network


Valis A Sirius Satellite Network


Philip K. Website
VALIS has been described as one node of an artificial satellite network
originating from the star Sirius in the Canis Major constellation.

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2010 Odyssey Dark Spot V2 is now followed by 2010 Odyssey Dark Spot and Monolith V3

2010: Odyssey Two is a best-selling science fiction novel by Arthur C. Clarke,
which was published in January 1982.

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