>Sort of Mazinger-Z Robot, the video game developed by Takuhama of Dark New World Software may be considered a


Ban Presto’s Mazinger-Z light clone.
It’s worth to get it and play for all nostalgic from coin-op and the mecha-anime series of 70’s and 80’s .

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Steel Strider


>Middle of the 21st century, galactic civilization was able to escape the turmoil at last.On the other hand, large-scale crime increases, various disputes was followed.The armed underground groups have enough power to rival the army, so you can not compete in terms of equipment with the the police, so rebels had a dilemma that can not be addressed in terms of flexibility.

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Go Nagai Super Robot Wars


>Go Nagai Super Robot Wars


>Super Robot (スーパーロボット Sūpā Robotto?) is a term used in manga and anime to describe a giant robot or mecha, with an arsenal of fantastic super-powered weapons, extreme resistance to damage unless the plot calls for it, sometimes transformable or combined from two or more robots and/or vehicles usually piloted by young, daring heroes, and often shrouded by mystical or legendary origins. This is distinct from a Real Robot, which is a mecha portrayed as a relatively common and plausible item, used by military organizations in the same manner as tanks or aircraft.

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