REMAKES that weren’t or almost

Metro-Cross-game _a

Metro-Cross (メトロクロス Metoro-Kurosu?) is an arcade game, released by Namco in 1985. It runs on Namco Pac-Land hardware (but with a video system like that used in Dragon Buster), modified to support a 2048-color palette. It uses a 6809 microprocessor, a 63701 microprocessor, and a Namco 8-channel waveform PSG for sounds.

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>North and South also known as Les Tuniques Blues (By Cauvin & Lambil)
is a now a powerful remake for PC and other platforms by Microids .
We played it and really enjoyed it as back in time at 90s for Amiga .
Only weak point could be the control on mouse for attack scenes ,
but it’s only a matter of time to manage it as it should be ,
although Microids added some more feature that enriched the game and
didn’t steal something to original .

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