Spy Radio

Since before the time of Sun Tzu, communications has played an important role in the collection of intelligence. With the advent of effective portable radio technology in the 1930’s, it became feasible for an operative to send and receive information quickly and independently from within enemy territory.


The purpose of this research paper is to document facts, observations, anecdotes, and stories about clandestine radio equipment as used by the United States. The specific equipment presented here was chosen either because it had a major role in clandestine work, or because sufficient information was available to the author. Pictures and brief descriptions of additional equipment can be found in books by H. Keith Melton (see the Bibliography); and also at various sites on the World Wide Web.

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BlackWater n MonSanto


BlackWater n MonSanto n Academi


Monsanto that is enchained with Rendon Group

DoD : “We don’t put our face and stars 
but these contractors do as We know allow and pay them ” .
PIGS with WINGS [  ]
Xe Services LLC is a private military company founded as Blackwater USA in 1997 by Erik Prince and Al Clark.
In October 2007, the company was renamed Blackwater Worldwide and was colloquially referred to as “Blackwater”. Blackwater has a wide array of business divisions, subsidiaries, and spin-off corporations but the organization as a whole has courted much controversy.

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Anonymous FTP In MIL

Anonymous FTP In MIL

Anonymous FTP In MIL


Total file number: 70
Total file size: 5.29 MB
System: UNIX Type: L8
Welcome message:


This is a United States Department of Defense
computer system.
This computer system and all related equipment,
networks and network devices
(including Internet access) are provided
only for authorized U.S. government use.
Unauthorized use may subject you
to criminal prosecution.
DoD computer systems may be monitored
for all lawful purposes,
including :

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From Hollerith to Synapse

From Hollerith to Synapse


IBM’s first cognitive computing chips mimic functions of the brain


Today, IBM announced the very first cognitive computing chips, designed to emulate the brain’s abilities for perception, action and cognition. The technology could yield many orders of magnitude less power consumption and space than used in today’s computers, and give computers a sort of “right brain” capability to match their superior calculating abilities. Following Watson, it is yet another example of IBM’s quest to build learning systems.

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Further Uses of ipfilterX


Further Uses of ipfilterX

>ipfilterX collects secret ranges, concerning military, covert companies, hidden bank lines, offshore companies, unknown customers and societies, etc. may be used from same secret agents, mercenaries, black money dealers, to cover and protect their operations through the net . All personalities that are in doubt by authorities are spied , their computers, laptops, are subjected to intruder software just as trojans , keyloggers, malware, etc. and their data secretly sent to Government Agencies and Federals, same thread for military matter.

In this view it can be used also by Anti Industrial espionage , Corporations, Military and Government to protect their secrets and data transfer .

Potential and possibilities regarding ipfilterX are limitless from any side you want to see them .

ipfilterX blocks the 99.9% of your enemies ranges ,and if you are an enemy you can remove your range and those of your allies and continue to block your enemies , making difficult to be traced , intercepted , spied .

From this same point of view and using PeerBlock and similars with ipfilterX may very well prevent
sending unauthorized personal data under covert operations or if your
computer has been infected and is under control by some trojan horses .

It’s not a fully warranty but still , why not ?

One of the most efficient cyber weapon can be in your hands for a very cheapest price compared to those of useless companies ,

.. Amazing … isn’t it ?

Use and decide .

SOVIET GEV from Cold War


SOVIET GEV from Cold War


 >In the thick of the Cold War, the Soviet Union built an immense vessel to carry their troops across the seas and into Western Europe.

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