How We thought Cyberpunk in 90S and How We think to it Nowadays


HOW WE THOUGHT TO CYBERPUNK IN 90S, just named Cyberpunk, is a 1990 documentary by Marianne Trench about the cyberpunk culture and it’s aspects. It covers topics such as hacking, virtual reality, mind machines, implants, cyber arts, literature, music, and it features interviews with

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>Leap of Fate is a hardcore action game in which you play a powerful mage facing a twisted version of reality. Do you have the skills needed to survive the trials, and forge yourself a new fate?

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Dex is a 2D side scrolling cyberpunk role-playing game, exploration and non-linear gameplay. The game features hacking, gun combat, cinematic paths and missions.

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W.Gibson Territories without Maps

W.Gibson Territories without Maps

Mark Neale directs this prolonged conversation with William Gibson
(famed science-fiction novelist and creator of the term “cyberspace”)
from the back of Gibson’s limousine as they take a cross-country odyssey
over nameless highways going no place in particular.

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