Trailblazer The Secret Sharer


Trailblazer The Secret Sharer


>While most of the N.S.A. was reeling on September 11th, inside SARC the horror unfolded “almost like an ‘I-told-you-so’ moment,” according to J. Kirk Wiebe, an intelligence analyst who worked there. “We knew we weren’t keeping up.” SARC was led by a crypto-mathematician named Bill Binney, whom Wiebe describes as “one of the best analysts in history.” Binney and a team of some twenty others believed that they had pinpointed the N.S.A.’s biggest problem—data overload—and then solved it. But the agency’s management hadn’t agreed.

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For the NSA incoming STORM

For the NSA incoming STORM

>Our Old DataLove can not be forgotten :

..NSA we love you so much…
We won’t die if you won’t die ,
We won’t live if you will live ,
and that’s much .

For Echelon , For Prism , and For Carnivore .


and for the Future if you shall allow it .

LinguaListeK NSA


LinguaListeK NSA
-NSA cares about this stuff , they looked this article many times in past,
so we refresh their memory and our own one about it .
LinguaLISTek Talks the Talk, Expands in Columbia
By Mark R. Smith
By 1997, Elizabeth Rendon had reached a crossroads in her career. At that point, she had worked for different defense contractors and, upon exiting Booz Allen Hamilton’s BWI office, made the move to strike out on her own when she accepted her first development project from ASEC, a contractor.

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The Rendon Group Reloaded

The Rendon Group Reloaded


Early Warning Radar

TRG’s Early Warning Radar (EWR), a 24/7 news monitoring service,
provides precise client-centric situational awareness.
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