S.S. Tentacles Over XIX Century


S.S. Tentacles Over XIX Century

>July 13, 1793, when Carolina Corday stabbed Jacobin tribune John Paul Marat,
you can conventionally considered as the beginning of terrorism in society industrialism.
It is in this formation terrorism radiates a particularly lush.
Why? The causes are complex.
The power of the state and the complexity of its structure calls into question the chances of success of an uprising or a palace coup (were reminded of that even tirelessly Blanquists),
while the progressive breakdown of traditional ties pushes a unit (especially medium class, intellectuals and peasants) to individual action. Urban character of civilization, forced to engage in “guerrilla warfare” in the cities, which helps to technical progress.
Media, providing rapid and widespread information, create public opinion, and it allows terrorists from using “indirect strategy”.

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Based on the Conan the Barbarian stories by Robert E. Howard
and written by Oliver Stone and John Milius ,
the movie Conan the Barbarian (1982) ,
make us recognize significant Illuminati archetypes and curiosities related.

> Conan’s father interpreted by William Smith :

worked for several years in the CIA being a russian slang expert,
He knew at least 17 Russian strict dialects .

> The BlackSun Ensigns :
conan (1)

Basically an Ouroboros modified , it’s not a snake biting own tail

but two snakes facing each other with an All Seeing Eye in the middle and a pyre over it.

> The King Titan’s Graveyard :
conan (2)

It looks like the Conan’s heritage from his god Crom,
Conan will keep high his sword until his last breathe by fighting and ruling,
crashing the enemies.
The immortal warrior spirit of a king it’s now upon him.

> Afghanistan :
conan (3)

John Milius and Arnold Schwarzenegger commented those landscapes
as similar to Afghanistan ones , although the movie been filmed in Spain.
Afghanistan is surely the country where amongst others powerful Secret Societies got birth .

> Psychedelia by Ron Cobb :
conan (4)

It’s Ron Cobb , just the Conan the Barbarian ‘s Art Director, taking part in the movie as a drug dealer. A remind as psychedelic symbol of the other world described by Aldous Huxley in the essay “The Doors of Perception”.

> Peace , drug , flowers , the pilgrims :
conan (7)

A little Woodstock in the antediluvian earth where people come in peace, use drug , fall in visions and are being prepared to Thulsa Doom’s request,
the last sacrifice.

> Triumph of the Will:
conan (8)

According to John Milius will , the first Blacksun Ceremony had to appear even vaguely similar to a sort of Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will.
” That is power. The strength and power of flesh. “
” What is steel compared to the hand that wields it? “
The consciences of many is now only one conscience ruled by Thulsa Doom.

> The BlackSun Master:
conan (9)

“[..] They say Thulsa Doom’s a thousand years old […]”,
Thulsa Doom is a Reptilian Humanoid,in mythology the snakes are protagonists
and take part in particular and significant episodes, humankind itself came after the reptiles , after their domain over the planet, We save their ancestral power in our shadow.

> Nietzsche:
conan (10)

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”,
Thulsa Doom claims the making of Conan, from the pain and sorrow Conan used to rise, became not a hero but a warrior with a primitive ethic.
He isn’t killed at first instance when child, and when captured as infidel
during the ceremony, he is being kept crucified in a tree, like Wotan,
he must still learn from pain his errors, he must still be pulled away from demons that are awaiting him crossing the Styx.
-The Special FX were cured by ILM .

> Orgy:
conan (11)

Humans overwhelmed by luxury and sexual pleasures fall in orgy at Thulsa Doom’s feet, the promised reward of many Secret Societies, more than one illusion and it has to be melted away by Conan’s sword…

conan (13)conan (12) conan (14) conan (16) conan (15)


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