perihelion desert
perihelion landscape


“A hardcore RPG player’s dream.”
“Well, simply put, the intro to Perihelion is the best game intro I’ve ever seen, save Microcosm.” [AMIGA GAMES DATABASE]
“I have never played a game with more atmosphere to suit the theme.”
“This is the best-presented submission we have ever received.”
[PSYGNOSIS about the prototype of Perihelion.]

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The History of Psygnosis
The History of Psygnosis

>A free ebook shared over describes with full details and superb quality
enriched with full pictures and snapshots the old time glory and history of the British Videogames Company Psygnosis .
To make a short summary of their works is really a pity compared to the reality ,
thing that you will fully like and enjoy in the ebook .

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