Timeless Plus4 Vol.1

A little commodore machine by Plus4 nowadays still erupts video games.

Let’s begin.


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A Retro game for Commodore Plus4 that looks like a mix of Pengo and Bubble Bobbles.

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<Athanor The Awakening a C64 conversion for the Plus/4 by Megastyle , programmed by Majikeyric, Music arranged by Rotteroy.

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>Majesty Of Sprites is a a sort of Giana Sisters’ like game running in multicolor bitmap, full of neat sprites, amazing backgrounds, evil jumps to perform , diamonds, hearts , etc. to collect !

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>Knaecketraecker is the first proper crossplatform TEDsound tracker ever.

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Temple of Terror


Fighting Fantasy is a series of single-player roleplay gamebooks created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. The first volume in the series was published by Puffin in 1982, with the rights to the series eventually being purchased by Wizard Books in 2002. The series distinguished itself by featuring a role-playing element, with the caption on many of the covers claiming each title was an adventure “in which YOU are the hero!” The majority of the titles followed a fantasy theme, although science fiction, post-apocalyptic, super-hero, and modern horror also featured. The popularity of the series led to the creation of merchandise such as action figures, board games, role-playing game systems, magazines, novels and video games.

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