Asgard Met Vikings


This game is based on a true story. :D
It is all about how Midgard got met as a gift of the gods.
You take on the role of the Erikson brothers Svelgur and Ragnar and you have the task to catch as many met bottles as possible thrown by Odin from Asgard.

About the game

Asgard Met Vikings is a one or even better two player game.
If you do your task well, you can register your name in the hall of fame of the old Vikings.
In the two player mode you work together as a team and you have to register as team as well.
Only for the brave Vikings: You can use “Joy up” inside the main menu to switch from the normal font to the rune font.
You can accelerate the scroller with “Joy down” here as well.
The Highscores and Settings will be saved on quit.

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