>The Last Ninja is an action-adventure game originally developed and published by System 3 in 1987 for the Commodore 64. Other format conversions were later released for the Apple IIGS, MS-DOS, BBC Micro and Acorn Electron in 1988, the Apple II in 1989, the Amiga and Atari ST and ZX Spectrum (as Last Ninja Remix) in 1990, and the Acorn Archimedes in 1991.

The Last Ninja was one of the most successful games released on the Commodore 64. As the first in the Last Ninja series, it set the standard for the unique look and feel for its sequels: Last Ninja 2 and Last Ninja 3.


The Last Ninja Engine by SoA (aka Spirit of Armakuni)

This is the most advanced of the engines, it is fully functional and plays like LN1. Exactly like LN1. The controls, the levels, the swamps – SoA succeeded in conveying that old LN feeling. According to SoA the editor is pretty easy to use and his dream is that with the new editor everyone can create a last ninja game and we could just keep on playing Last Ninja all the time… :-)The latest version (v9.02) includes the editor and contains one level. The four levels from v8.51 are incompatible so only the first level was redone and included. V8.51 can still be downloaded below so you can enjoy the full “The Legend of the Sade” game. Continue reading “LAST NINJA REMAKES”
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