Published: January 31, 1989

The Whittaker Corporation , a specialty chemical and technology concern,
said it expected a Justice Department investigation to result in criminal charges
against the company or one of its subalterns .
Whittaker said Justice Department lawyers had presented it
with evidence suggesting that employees of a Whittaker unit had illegally paid money
to a Government employee in connection with certain contracts.
Whittaker would make no comment beyond the announcement.
The company’s shares fell $2 today, to $48.875, on the New York Stock Exchange.

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End of Peregrine Systems


End of Peregrine Systems

Peregrine Systems, Inc. was an enterprise software company that sold solutions in the enterprise asset management, change management, and ITIL-based IT service management markets. It was founded in 1981 and, by 2000, had achieved market dominating position in these areas. Following an accounting scandal and bankruptcy, Peregrine was acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2005.

Peregrine Systems was founded in 1981 in Irvine, California. The original founders and employees were Chris Cole, Gary Story, Ed Beck, Kevin Keyes and Richard Diederich. They starting selling PNMS on a Series One computer while developing an MVS version.

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Rebekah Obsession


>Rebekkah Wade now Brooks , hot woman in all ways .
She led the hacking service in order to intercept famous and ordinary people and report their private facts to world .
We must thank her because she revealed how much police got into corruption ,high and low levels , wolves against wolves , devils against devils .

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