Scuba Diving


>Scuba diving under lake Baikal ,located in the south of the Russian region of Siberia world’s oldestand deepest lake at 30 million years old and with an average depth of 744.4 metres; it is the second most voluminous lake, after the Caspian Sea.


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Octopus stolen my Cam

Octopus stolen my Cam

>Author’s Description :
>While trying to get video of a wild octopus,
it suddenly dashed towards me and rips my shiny new camera from out of my hands,
then swims off, all while the camera is recording!
he swam away very quickly like a naughty shoplifter.
After a 5 minute chase, I placed my speargun underneath him
and he quickly and curiously grabbed hold of the gun as well,
giving me enough time to reach in and grab the camera from out of his mouth.
I didn’t feel threatened at all during the whole ordeal.
he seemed to be fixated on the shiny metallic blue digital camera.
The only confusing behavior was how he dashed off
with it like a thief haha.
;) Cheeky octopus.

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Facing the Great White

Facing the Great White :
A longest and most completed version of Facing the Great White…
Useless to warn :
Do not try that without an instructor and some good liver .

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