Parallax Remake


Parallax Remake

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I’m quite surprised this little gem hasn’t had a full review yet! I suppose it gives me the pleasure of being the “definitive” reviewer of it here! heheh! The game became a personal fave of mine when I borrowed a mates copy back in 1986, he spent 87 and 88 trying to get it back!
It follows a rather generic scifi concept only executed with Sensible Software’s usual ‘oddball’ style and flair.

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Cannon Fodder Remakes


Developer: Game Factory Interactive
Publisher: Game Factory Interactive
Genre: Action/Strategy

Cannon Fodder 3 and recent Electronic Arts release Syndicate have a lot in common. Both action-orientated strategy games were big hits back in the ’90s – proving particularly successful on the Amiga – and after long absences, both titles have made a comeback. This, however, is where the similarities end. While Syndicate has reinvented itself as a first-person shooter and has the financial backing of an industry powerhouse, Cannon Fodder 3 comes from an obscure Russian studio, remaining true to its roots, but releasing in the West with barely a whimper. However, despite lacking the level of polish and refinement that comes with a bit of monetary muscle, Cannon Fodder 3 is an enjoyable, albeit shallow, action game.

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