>Gun Smoke is a 1985 vertical scrolling shooter arcade game by Capcom.This Wild West-themed game was designed by Yoshiki Okamoto.

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>Edge of Time was released for the Sideways SEUCK Game Creation Compo 2015. In this shooter type game you control two robot like characters shooting at enemies each from a different era of time. The top one is from 2022 A.D with the war just beginning and the second from 2050 many years later.

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Elders of Madness



>Elders of Madness is the result of seven months of hard work in which, the development team, composed of 120 guys from secondary education and supported by great professionals of the sector, indies, famous youtubers, musicians and bloggers from the specialized press, has managed to develop a beautiful and exciting game. The goal was that students would be motivated and interested in the world of creation, graphic design, music creation and programming while put into practice all the theoretical contents they have been studying during the course in many subjects.

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