Morning Star

<Morning Star is a Post Cyberpunk game where you ahve to manage a farming sim, the data and the computers in an original way of concept.

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CyberCrimes without ID (X – 2008)


CyberCrimes without ID (X – 2008)

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[..] The best criminal hacker is the one that isn’t caught—or even identified. These are 10 of the most infamous unsolved computer crimes (that we know about).

The most nefarious and crafty criminals are the ones who operate completely under the radar. In the computing world security breaches happen all the time, and in the best cases the offenders get tracked down by the FBI or some other law enforcement agency.
But it’s the ones who go uncaught and unidentified (those who we didn’t highlight in our Cyber Crime Hall Fame that are actually the best. Attempting to cover your tracks is Law-Breaking 101; being able to effectively do so, that’s another story altogether.
When a major cyber crime remains unsolved, though, it probably also means that those of us outside the world of tech crime solving may never even know the crime occurred.
These are some of the top headline-worthy highlights in the world of unsolved computing crime—cases in which the only information available is the ruin left in their wake.

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Alter Ego There’s life on SIM


Alter Ego There’s life on SIM

What if you could live your life over again?

Alter Ego is an online life simulation browser game.

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