There is a mysterious vault in the ancient Padmanabhaswamy shrine, it’s protected by two massive cobras painted on it and has no bolts, or any other means of entry.

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BYTE is a top-down cyberpunk stealth-puzzle game about hackers, networks, and cyber-worms for PC, macOS and Linux, being made on Construct 2 by Dividebyzer0

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For so many years have the people of the kingdom lived in harmony that the former battleground of warlords has now become known as PACIFIA: The land of peace.

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The evil sorcerer Drax desires Princess Mariana and has sworn to wreak an unspeakable doom on the people of the Jeweled City unless she is delivered to him.
However, he has agreed that if a champion can be found who is able to defeat his demonic guardians, the princess will be allowed to go free. All seems lost as champion after champion is defeated.
Then, from the forgotten wastelands of the North, comes an unknown barbarian, a mighty warrior, wielding his broadsword with deadly skill. Can he vanquish the forces of Darkness and free the Princess? Only you can say…

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