C64 Sprite Maker and Sprite Pad


It will allow you to easily create Commodore Sprites, visually see what they would look like and Export them into your program using any of the Export option. Refer to the Help files for details on how to use each function.

C64 Sprite Maker

* 256 Hi Res/Muti Colour Sprites.
* You can Flip, Invert, Copy, Merge sprites and more.
* Sprite Tracer to help with animation.
* Pin Board that will allow you to see what your sprites look like on a Commodore screen.
* Import: Action Replay Mk6 sprite save images, SEUCK sprite file.
* Export: Text file, SEQ file (my own personal creation), Action Replay Mk6 (1 sprite only), SEUCK (only sprite 0 to 125).

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