<Rescuing Orc from description of its website: When your best friend Orc (an orc, coincidentally) didn’t show up for tea after a couple of weeks, it was pretty clear something had happened to him.

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Poltergeists on Floor 12

Released at 2010. We don’t know much about this game, except you have to explore dungeons and caves among spirits and ghosts. I think I’ve head of these last ones somewhere…

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<Sputnik World is a coder group development for C64 Video games, and it’s worth to play their games, it’s one of the few times that we nostalgic feel again like kids discovering new toys after a long time.

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>Kabura is a new Game by Sputnik World for the Commodore 64, after Xain’d’Sleena Remake. More than one year to be released and now it’s up for download !

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