>Huge letters loom in the darkness of the RNG. The sinister organisation of the ILLUMINASCII conspire to bring forth a New World Order throughout all the ascii land. As the lowly @ symbol, can you defeat their agents and overturn the conspiracy?

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Captain Blood (L’Arche du Captain Blood in France) is the name of a French video game from 1988 made by ERE Informatique (soon relabeled with their short-lived Exxos label) and released by Infogrames. It was later re-released in the UK by Players Premier Software. The title tune is a stripped down version of “Ethnicolor” by Jean Michel Jarre.

Captain Blood was developed jointly by Didier Bouchon and Philippe Ulrich, both contributing design and scenario, and Bouchon graphics and programming for the Atari ST version. Bouchon originally designed covers for ERE informatique’s Gazoline Software label, but he learned to program in assembler for the Atari ST after Ulrich provided him with one. Bouchon then created fractal-generated realtime graphics that inspired both to do a sci-fi inspired video game.[1]

After ERE‘s absorption by Infogrames in summer of 1987 (partly justified by preliminary versions of Captain Blood), Ulrich and Bouchon isolated themselves in the Landes in order to have the game ready for Christmas. Many adaptations for both 16-bit and 8-bit machines were developed in successive months, although they were straight ports of the original Atari ST version in graphics, sound effects or music, and therefore follow the limitations of that machine.

captain bloodCover

The titular character of the game is a 1980s video game designer, Bob Morlock, who had picked “Captain Blood” as a nickname in tribute to the film starring Errol Flynn of the same name. Morlock develops a new video game about aliens and space travel. While testing for the first time his new project, he becomes warped inside the spaceship of the very game he had designed. Soon after, Blood is forced to go into hyperspace mode and, due to an incident, gets accidentally cloned 30 times. For 800 years, Blood tracks down every clone, as each one took a portion of his vital fluid. When the game begins, Blood successfully disintegrated 25 clones but he needs to kill the last five clones who turned out to be the most difficult to track down or he will lose his last connections with the human species.

It was followed by the sequel Commander Blood in 1994 and later by Big Bug Bang in 1997, a French-only release.

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>Captain Blood got finally a remake :



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The Hidden (And Not So Hidden) Messages in Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”

Eyes Wide Open Decryption
Here some of most interesting points about
Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut by Mr.Kent Daniel Bentkowski
focusing only about the movie symbols/elements , and highlighting titles made by ourselves.

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A Pyramid of Life:


Pyramids :

In 1959 a Czech radi engineer, Karl Drbal,
claimed that razor blades placed in the cavity of a pyramid modeled
on the dimensions of the Great Pyramid (Cheops) of Giza
in Egypt would be sharpened within twenty-four hours.

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