Skool Daze Remakes

Skool Daze was released way back in 1984 for the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 a great success in the mid 1980s. There have been a number of remakes of this innovative classic, including last year’s great effort titled Skool Daze Reskooled for Android and iOS released by Alternative Software.

Alternative Software have just released Skool Daze Reskooled for Windows and Mac OS via Steam.

Skool Daze Reskooled is an officially licensed game that features updated graphics and gameplay and includes Skool Daze, it sequel – Back to Skool and the newly created Nu Skool.

Alternative Software have stated that Skool Daze Reskooled also features:

-a range of difficulty levels – if you’re not up to the real deal, you can change it to over 20000 lines to make it easier if you want.

-the ability to unlock and play as any character, allowing you to use their bonus skills, like catapult aiming.

-a fun scooter stunt mode.

-gamepad Support.

the ability to play in full screen or in a resizable window


Skool Daze is a computer game created by David Reidy (whose wife Helen was a school teacher at the time) in collaboration with graphics designer Keith Warrington for the ZX Spectrum and released by their company Microsphere in 1984. A Commodore 64 port was subsequently made. The game was critically acclaimed by several contemporary magazines for breaking many of the gaming moulds by pursuing a creative route of a childhood experience at school.


Skool Daze Remakes

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