Hawkeye Remake


>Hawkeye by Thalamus
had a potential sequel : Hawkeye 2 but never released .
Sort of Mutant Cyborg able to transform himself from soldier to hawk
he fights in a post-apocalyptic  era where also his enemies are able to transform themselves or get upgrades from what only Nature gave them .
A very blaster shooter in horizontal scrolling and frenetic music bass .

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Hunters Moon Remake


Hunters Moon Remake


It’s a blaster without equal: a beautifully-crafted combination of puzzle game and pulsating action. You’re stranded in a universe of organic, self-regenerating hives, and to escape you need to capture the starcells which lie at their heart. You only have two problems. Problem One: the starcells are heavily protected by traps, puzzles and erratic, worm-like creatures. Problem Two: there are 128 levels ahead of you, spread across 16 star systems.

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