>The original VigilanteTM is an arcade game published in 1988 by IREM CORP. They are the authors of this work of art and playability.
“This” Vigilante is coded by me (Yves Rizoud) in C w/ DJGPP and Allegro, and is NOT an accurate port or anything:

  • I developped for 1 year with only memories of the arcade game, and an emulation of the PC Engine version of Vigilante (the most accurate of all, yet very minimalistic)
  • Then the MAME team added support for the original Vigilante in their emulator, and at that time I felt in heaven. I spent weeks ripping from the ROM and recomposing the graphics. So all the background art and 95% of the sprites are from the arcade. Others I did draw myself.
  • But I silently fixed some ‘bugs’ (mainly playability ones), while keeping some interesting ones, and added some new features (the original game has one weapon, I added 5)
  • Finally I began freely tweaking the gameplay and added even more new stuff.. experimental things.

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