> Target Renegade is a scrolling beat’em up (or flip-screen on certain versions) computer game released on the Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum systems in the late 1980s by Ocean Software on their “Imagine” label, as well as a Nintendo Entertainment System version published by Taito. The game is a sequel to Renegade and was followed by Renegade 3. When acquiring the license to convert the original arcade game Renegade to home computers, Ocean acquired the option to produce and release their own home-computer-only sequels to the game, and Target Renegade was the first of these sequels.


On most formats, the game caters for one or two players and concerns itself with the adventures of a streetfighter (or a pair of identical streetfighters) known only as “Renegade”, who seek(s) revenge against a local crime kingpin named “Mr. Big” for murdering his or their brother Matt. The player character varies, depending on the format, but is usually represented as topless apart from a leather vest and wearing jeans.

Regardless of the format, the cover of the game and the title screen (as seen on the image to the right) portrays a topless street fighter performing a flying kick through a window. In keeping with video game box art and advertising of the era, the character shown in this illustration bears little relation to any character in the game itself. The actual picture is based on Martial Arts Legend Joe Lewis from the cover of his book The World’s Greatest Fighter Teaches You How To Master Bruce Lee’s Fighting System, but has been adjusted so as to fit in with the character of Renegade.

The game comprises five levels, though details of enemies and weapons vary from one version to another (the NES version in particular is more like Double Dragon than the home computer versions). The NES and C64 versions of the game do not have a two-player co-operative mode.

Target Renegade Remakes

No worries , the YVideo is for Iphone but the game also runs on Windows XP and further >A great and long waited remake , thanks to its creator .


Type: Arcade / Action

System: System: Windows XP and more

API required: DirectX 9.Oc update april 2005 and more

Language: French / English

Game description: Remake of the classic 8bit cpc beat them all game.

-Possibility to play 2 players with a joypad
-Possibility to switch the graphics style

Game available in French and English






Target Renegade mod – ZX Spectrum

Ralf over at the Temporary World of Spectrum Forum has been playing around with existing game code of the classic title ‘Target Renegade’, adding colour here and there and changing a few things. Don’t worry though, this is still good old Renegade but with a twist. As you can see this mod has new backgrounds, but that’s not all. Play it and you’ll see differences in the fight. This version is a little bit harder than original, especially from the very start as you have to duck down straight away or you will get knocked over! Aside from that, this is a nice little mod version worthy of anyone’s time. Try it yourself, you can download it from the link below, have fun!

Forum Thread:





So far Target Renegade Remix has:-

  • Fully scalable window, Play Target Renegade at any resolution you like
  • Full colour, no more merging ZX Spectrum colours!
  • All the sprites done thanks to Mr Swain!
  • New Levels!


The tragic death of your brother Matt, murdered while investigating the underworld dealings of gangland boss Mr Big, can go avenged. Driven by a sense of burning injustice you make your way through the seedy streets of Scumville, a labyrinthine nest of crime and black market dealings, to a final show-down with the notorious gangster himself.

The adventure can be undertaken alone or with a companion (whose presence makes the competition doubly tough) over five multiload levels. The action shifts from a dangerous multistory car park to seedy night time streets via a seemingly harmless city park and an overpopulated shopping mall, finally climaxing in Mr Big’s headquarters in a sleazy bar.

The inhabitants of Scumville have little goodwill to spare: motor cyclists, skinheads, Beastie Boys fans and ladies of the night, often armed and always spoiling for a fight, attempt to thwart your progress through the sinister city streets.

You have spent a lot of time cultivating an athletic physique, however, which enables you to carry out various jumping, kicking and punching actions with relative ease. Knocking down a weapon-carrying opponent gives you the chance to pick up his club, axe or stick as it falls; an extra points bonus is awarded for making use of objects as well as fists.

Each time a blow is sustained, your health, indicated by an energy meter, is diminished. Complete loss of strength results in the loss of one of three lives.

Once all current opponents have been subdued in a section, a door opens on to the next urban battleground. Survive through to the final confrontation in the bar, beat your way past Mr Big’s bodyguards and the gangland boss lies at your mercy. Succeed in destroying him and Matt’s body can finally lie at rest in his Scumville grave.

 Latest WIP  

Controls:  Arrow keys to move (or joystick/pad)

                 Left CTRL = punch and arrow keys to pull off moves

To Do List

The to-do list is long and distinguished. Please if, you think you can help with any of these, please let me know!

  • Need to do all the moves for the player (95% complete)
  • Scrolling (90% Complete)
  • Enemies (15% Complete)
  • Music (75% complete)
  • Sound Effects (50% complete)
  • Artificial Intelligence (10% Complete)
  • Intro (20% complete)
  • Add additional control schemes (as arcade) and redefinable keys

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