>The story takes place in Belgrade, 2074. and follows Edit Stefanović. She is a student of psychology. She volunteers at the Research Center TDR. Her job is to nurture Abel, an autistic math genius who has since written a formula that combines all of the energy that occur on Earth, breaks contact with the outside world (it is believed that such a formula would be possible to calculate the future even prove the existence of God, and become the most powerful man in the world). Due to problems with the university, decided to resort to an alternative method of passing the exam.


Her friend Herb sells her chip dubious origin who would help her by using the link between consciousness and subconsciousness increase their intellectual capacity. But one can not imagine that the chip as Edit circumstantial see chart secret formula, become aware of itself and begin the first mentally and then physically to develop as Piaf’s parallel personality. Over time, and take exams Edit chip developed in parallel nervous system that is developed through micron wires all over her body. As it is impossible to remove surgically, the chip is becoming more abundant and developed as a kind of cancer around the body. Over time, the news comes to the people of TDR and they are unable to solve the problem with autistic Abel decided to try a being who is indirectly Abel child. Of course, such a procedure would result in a death Edit.
After numerous problems and trauma, Edith finally united by a common problem resolves to become friends with your “tenant”. In the meantime, he has earned its name as Eddie and looking, which is visible only to her, and she becomes the laughing stock of your friends as schizophrenic and crazy. People from TDR show their true colors, during their escape from the building to see the ultimate goal of their research. In pursuing his own life, Edith decided to take with you and Abel, whose life also came to danger. This unequal fight between her and conglomerates TDR facilitated by the fact that Edith has now become a real superhero. Her new nervous system, drawn from her body best, and that goes beyond the wildest dreams. Edit all of a sudden has fantastic speed, strength and ability to be the perfect martial arts.

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