In Terror Of The Deep the search of the allegedly living famous Scottish Loch Ness monster aka “Nessie” is accepted. This was enriched with alien monsters that inhabit the lake, since meteorites similar objects have fallen into the area of Loch Ness from the sky. The player’s task is by means of a diving capsule to find the alien crystals and destroy them then to find “Nessie” .

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Late 19th century: A living at Loch Ness greiser engineer has invented a strange bell-shaped diving capsule, in order to explore the mysterious depths of the lake. On his deathbed, he evokes the player, his venture through to the end and so destroy the aliens. Unfortunately, he closes his eyes forever before he can explain the use of his diving capsule completely.
But on the floor of the diving capsule, the player finds a yellowed diary of old engineer with records of his recent underwater expedition. With difficulty he deciphered some fragments:

‘As soon as I was submerged, they crawled about everywhere on the capsule. Even the electric field could not scare the long run …
‘With a shudder, I had to watch as three spores united …
‘Strange spotted floating pods in the water … Just before hatching they shine with a strange brilliance …
‘No doubt, the fish escape from the evil crystals, and I just wish I could run away looking like them, but I have in the other direction, the crystals destroyed …
‘Today one of the crystals blown up … I have to find the origin of the evildoers …
‘Saw a giant crystal, but was it lack of ammunition will not break … An ascent to determine my position, I got a huge, shadowy creature to face, whose appearance was different from all the others … she had nothing malicious per se. Almost seemed as if they wanted to help me, while she needed my help while trying to escape … it may have been the monster of Loch Ness … I should not hurt it.


After the cover and a headline in the local newspaper the game starts directly with a map of Loch Ness. Here one can choose his planned dive site by means of a pencil. Then you find yourself in the submerged submersible capsule again. In the lower third of the screen is a whole range of instruments, the upper two thirds show surroundings outside the capsule. This feels more like that one would be in space than in the depths of a lake. Predominant color is black. brownish bubbles , move depending on the speed of the diving capsule in all directions from the field of view. Certain similarities in the presentation of the motion to Elite and the image of the advertisements The Eidolon recognizable.

If you move through the lake, one encounters diverse fish, monsters and crystals. The graphics are really successful and enhances the gameplay significantly. Little spectacular music there are only at the beginning of the game when choosing his first diving destination and. At the newspaper headlines that comment on the result of the expedition In the game itself, there remains some sound effects, which is rather quiet approaching over long distances (as it is under water just so). A highscore table does not exist: The points (or deserved reward) also appear in the newspaper headline at the end of the match.

The player on the console with Hand control.

Joystick horizontally : Press consoles.
Fire button : Speer fire / bomb drop / cause electric shock.

Keyboard Layout

F1 : Early interupted
F7 : Pause on /
Z : Links
X : Right
Shift : Down
= : Top
Spacebar : Fire

Inside the diving capsule, there are some strange instruments, but with a little logic and common sense, it is possible to identify them as follows (from left to right):

Pump (1) : For the oxygen circulation. Achieving the critical level is signaled by an audible alarm (bell).
Meter (above the pump): Displays the supply of oxygen regeneration crystals
Military counter (- / B): Above: Speer stock, Bottom: bombs (max. 2)
Fire button (F): Enables instantaneous weapon for defense / attack (bomb throwing from)
Light Switch (L): Activated charcoal lights


Controls and Indicators …

Weapon selection (2): From top: spears, electric field, bomb
Compass (above the weapon selection: Displays the drive rate regardless of the viewing direction
Ballast switch (P): Above: rising / emerging, mid: neutral. Below: Sinking
Function Switch (S): Above: magnet activation center: Off, Bottom: Press the horn
Thrust (T): Above: forward 4, middle: neutral, Bottom: 4 reverse
Swivel central console to the left: – Central left (<)
Rudder (C) (</>): Above: left 4, middle: from below: Right 4
Inclination (C) (↑ / ↓): As the capsule up or down for sighting
Center Right (->): pivot central console to the right
Energy wheel (3): Pro rotation 25% power increase. The power level can be read above.
Make sharp, Bottom:: bomb detonator (4): Up ignite after bombing
Fuel gauge (5) (above the bomb detonator): fuel supply. Indicates the recording of fuel tanks.
Visor (6): For the precise targeting of the objectives using the central sights

Other operation

Controlling the diving capsule:
It is driven by an algae / water mixture to generate the electric current that supplies the screws and the charcoal lights reasons of fuel economy, the lamps can be operated manually (switch “L”). The energy required for the console pivoting, for guns and navigation is provided by the oxygen pump. The rotary control allows rotation of the central console, so keep track all around! The direction of travel is, however, always forward. ie regardless of the viewing angle.

Replenishment :
If the supply of spears and fuel is running low, supply must be requested from the mother ship. To this end, the horn is activated (Function switch “S” in bottom position): once for spears, twice for fuel. If the packet is detected in the water, the magnet must be activated (Function switch “S” high) to receive it. The electromagnet consumes a lot of energy, so watch that the energy does not run out. Also care should be taken not to remove in this operation from the current position, since otherwise difficulties arise the replenishment package locate. As long as the capsule remains stationary, but there is a danger that the spores attach themselves to the windows, and can also mean trouble.

Throw bombs and detonate:
Never bring the lever of the bomb detonator (4) in the lower position before a bomb was dropped! In addition, the diving capsule to safety before a bomb is ignited!

Always go against the direction of swimming fish …Often in all directions from the capsule look because on the outside walls dangerous animals (whose mouth after some time also penetrate steel) accumulates. Remove using an electric shock.
Periodically operate the pump (1) and the handwheel (3) to rotate enough oxygen and energy to have available.
The deeper you dive ( “B” – “D” indicator next ballast switch), the more dangerous are the spores, etc and the more energy and oxygen is consumed.
Three Spores (wormlike threads) forms a killer monster. The premium of 6 monsters destroyed the diving capsule. These monsters can be destroyed with spears.
Gossip noises indicate that a new Spore has attaches to the outer shell. Knocking noises indicate that a monster tries to cut open the envelope.
In order to fill the bomb stock just show up. It is again the map shown and you can select a new location. The old of use is marked with an “X” on the map.
To emerge the ballast switch is long fallen up to “B” and “D” indicator to zero and then set the ballast switch to neutral and the thrust (T) to zero.
Schools of fish can be found in three-quarters of depth, crystals in full depth. If the bathysphere is touching the ground stopped them to have to be manoeuvrable again risen slightly higher.
To find one of the crystals, attention to the flight direction of the fish and move the diving capsule just in the opposite direction. Destroying the crystal found with a bomb. After each destruction of a crystal (there are rumors that there will be at least eight …), should be surfaced to reposition themselves and aufzumunitionieren.
When the last of the crystals is destroyed finds Ness in the same way (and also the main meteorite must also be destroyed)
Remember: The goal is NOT, the diving capsule to blow into the air and thereby get caught Nessie, but to destroy the main meteorite and thereby obtain the reputation Nessie …


ENDING (Spoiler Be Advised):


An Adventure Simulation in the Depths of Loch Ness
Designed and programmed by Mr. Micro
This program is for all Commodore 64 and 128 microcomputers. Side B is a repeat recording of Side A. Keyboard and joystick can be used.



Disk: Type LOAD THE DEEP’ and press RETURN

It is the close of the nineteenth century. A number of large, meteorite-like objects have been seen falling from the skies over Loch
Ness. Strange creatures are reported to be rising from the Loch at night, threatening the lives of the locals, and even the legendary Nessie herself.
By the side of the Loch lives an ancient and extremely eccentric Scottish engineer, who has developed an extraordinary bell-like diving craft to explore the mysterious depths of the Loch. The engineer is now dying, and selects you as the one to complete his mission, using his craft to clear the Loch of its alien population and save his favourite monster. Unfortunately, before you can receive full instruction in operating his craft, the engineer’s eyes close for the last time …
Your strange craft is now being lowered into the icy waters of Loch Ness and you are poring over a map to decide where to dive first. The local newspaper is standing by to report your progress.


Before you dive, you must first show the captain of the surface ship the starting point of your first dive by moving your pencil to the position you’ve selected. Begin your task by flooding the tanks (ballast switch down) and the darkness of the deep will press around you.

The craft is driven by a seaweed-and-water combination to produce an electric current which drives the screw and powers the arc lamps. To conserve fuel, the lamps can be operated manually. The power for rotating the console, releasing weapons, and for guidance is produced by rotating the Energy wheel. The pivot controls allow you to rotate the within the craft to see what is happening around you; however, you will always travel forward, which is not necessarily the direction of your view through the window!

When your stock of spears or fuel is running low, you need to signal the ship to send down supplies. Sound the klaxon (device switch down) once for spears and twice for fuel and when you see the package float down to the loch bed, activate the magnet (device switch up) to take the supplies on board. The electromagnet uses a lot of energy, so take care not to get stranded without energy. Also, try not to move away from your position, otherwise you will have to hunt for supplies when they are dropped but beware of the spores which leech onto your windows, as they only attack when you are stationary.

Never operate the plunger (detonator down)
before dropping a bomb, and always make sure you get well away from the bomb before detonating it.

On the floor of the diving craft is a yellowing notebook, used by the engineer on his last voyage. A few words are still legible:
‘Soon after I dived, they were crawling all over
the craft. Even the electric field did not keep
them away indefinitely …
‘I watched in horror as three spores joined
together … kil
‘There are strange pods suspended in the
water … just before they hatch, they seem to
glow …
‘The fish of the Loch seem to fear the evil
crystals, and I wish I could flee with them, but I
must go on in the other direction to destroy the
‘Blew up one of the crystals today, but I must
continue my search for the one which is the
source of the evil…
‘Must surface and get my bearings …
‘Saw a crystal, but could not blow it up as no
more weapons remained. Then I heard a strange
noise – as I surfaced, I saw a huge shadowy
creature which seemed different from the rest…
no feeling of evil, however … I believe it
wanted my help to escape the evil… could it be
the Loch Ness monster … if it is, I must not
harm her…

When you enter the craft, you are confronted with a battery of controls. By dint of logic, you deduce that they are (from left to right):
PUMP – Circulates oxygen. Push up and down to fill tanks. Level shown on dial above. A bell sounds if the level becomes critical. GAUGE – Shows supply of oxygen regeneration crystals
TRIGGER – Activates defence/attack with current weapon, operated by FIRE WEAPON SELECTOR – From the top: spears, electric field, bombs WEAPON GAUGE – Top: remaining spears. Bottom: remaining bombs (max 2) COMPASS – Shows craft heading, independent of view
LIGHT SWITCH – Activates carbon arc lamp BALLAST SWITCH – Up: increase buoyancy to rise or surface. Mid: neutral. Down: decrease buoyancy to sink or go down DEVICE SWITCH – Up: activate magnet. Mid: off. Down: sound klaxon THRUST – Up: forward. Mid: neutral. Down: backwards
PIVOT LEFT – Rotate centre console left RUDDER – Up: turn left. Mid: off. Down: turn right.
TILT – Points craft upwards or downwards to aim weapons PIVOT RIGHT – Rotate centre console right
ENERGY WHEEL – Each turn boosts energy. Stored energy shown on meter
FUELGAUGE – Fuel remaining. Will indicate if fuel casks are picked up.
DETONATOR – Up: prime. Down: detonate after dropping bomb
The central sight can be used to aim your weapons

Z – left
X – right
Shift – down
= – up
Space – fire


Standard joystick movement controls apply.

f7 – pause
f1 – reset
f3 – allows use of joystick in ihe usual way for weapon aiming. Press again to revert to normal control panel operation.

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