terrordrome – michael myers – leatherface

>Terrordrome a PC Fan Video Game with
all most famous characters from 80’s and 90’s horror movie genre like:
Michael Myers, Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Candyman, Evil Dead, Jason, etc.
free and totally fan oriented !

terrordrome – jason

Specifically it’s a 2D Fighting Game , we played it and it’s really fun ,
further to play in superb scenarios adapted from the movies sets ,
it recalls the real and typical combo of the characters .
Not much to tell , let’s play it !

terrordrome – freddy krueger



Note :

-Actually their Download Link is broken apparently ,

 although weknow where you can get the free download links ,

we won’t tell it because it’s hosted by one of ours archenemy ,

we are sure you will be able to find it just for this !

Good Luck !

-Author Message :

My take on Terrordrome and the video game industry:

On several occasion I’ve read people saying how cool this would be to have Terrordrome on consoles or if a big company would develop it with greater means instead of an indie dev team.
As I’ve answered them or as I stated many times before, this is why TRDM or such a game have never been commercially developped before and why it probably never will:
If want to develop a product with a popular character in it, in this case with horror movie characters, you have to get the rights so you can commercially use the character.
In the case of Terrordrome, there are several licensed characters involved, it means if a company would like to develop this game in a commercial way, they would have to get all the licenses for every character. Now most of the times the cost of just one license (the price can vary depending on the popularity of the character) is enough to make you go bankrupt if the product doesn’t sell enough.
Now imagine getting each and every licenses and the huge cost induced only to have all the characters you want in one game (not even mentioning the team salaries etc…) and sell it to what is considered a niche market or hardcore gamers market. Even if the game would sell outstandingly well, chances are you still wouldn’t make enough profit to cover your initial expenses.
Every big company (EA, UBisoft, you name it) have market analysts experts and huge financial ressources, the fact that they never came up with such a game before isn’t because they never thought about it, it’s because it cannot be a profitable product to begin with.
Besides it’s not just a matter of costs, getting the license of a character doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want with it and the owners may not want to have their product get in competition with others.
The people in charge of managing all these licenses problems would probably end up seriously depressed or in an asylum.

Although the idea remains very exciting, people have to understand that Terrordrome wasn’t supposed to exist and cannot be out of its current form: a free fangame made with passion by a bunch of crazy folks!

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