The Black Lotus Demography


>The Black Lotus (TBL) is a demoscene group of artists who draws for years developing demos for the Commodore Amiga and especially by their publications in recent years, attention, and the platform used.

>The group was founded in 1989 by two Swedes with the handles Dickhead and Rubber Duck and included 2001, more than 30 artists from the programming, graphics, and music. TBL published works for both the Amiga and PC platforms and thus has received numerous prestigious awards and accolades – including, but not first place on The Gathering, The Breakpoint and its predecessor Mekka & Symposium.
About the limits of the Amiga / demoscene , TBL was a larger audience through their works of recent years. With wins in the competitions “Amiga demo” for five consecutive years at Mekka & Symposium TBL has set a record – no other group has so often win one of the major competitions at one of the big demo parties in a row. Because TBL increasingly shifted the traditional boundaries of the Amiga, the interest in today’s niche market was revived. Even several TV stations and newspapers picked up the art of The Black Lotus to provide background information on the so said “outdated” Amiga.

The whole Black Lotus Demography consists of 50 demos about and intros, this list therefore provides only a subjective selection of the most important publications should. The links point to the respective entry in the demo scene database “Pouët”, other publications can be accessed via the links at the end of article.



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