HOW WE THOUGHT TO CYBERPUNK IN 90S, just named Cyberpunk, is a 1990 documentary by Marianne Trench about the cyberpunk culture and it’s aspects. It covers topics such as hacking, virtual reality, mind machines, implants, cyber arts, literature, music, and it features interviews with

William Gibson, Dr. Timothy Leary and various other people like Joseph M. Rosen MD., Dr. Scott Fisher, Michael Synergy and more.

This copy was downloaded from and I highly recommend that you download it from there too because you will be able to watch it in it’s natural 60fps form.

Link –…

Unfortunately, I had to remove a snippet of Front 242’s Headhunter video from the documentary because if I left it in there the documentary would be taken down.

This documentary has been uploaded purely for the purpose of educating and entertaining.


An INTERCON Production

Directed by Marianne Trench

Produced by Peter von Brandenburg

Script by Peter von Brandenburg

Screenplay by Marianne Trench

Music Director – D.S. Slave

Music by : Barry Adamson, Esplendor Geometrico, Front 242, Hilt, Manufacture, Severed Heads, Skinny Puppy, White Worm Virus

Additional Music by David Stagnari & Benedict Zilinskis

Barry Adamson courtesy of Mute Records
Front 242 courtesy of Wax Trax Records
Hilt, Manufacture, Severed Heads and Skinny Puppy courtesy of Nettwerk Records

Intercon Production gratefully acknowledges the collaboration of RADICAL TV / JAPAN Daizaburo Harada, Haruhiko Shono

Animation & Effects by Process Animation, NYC

William Gibson’s novels available from Bantam / Ace Books

Segments of “Neuromancer”, the graphic novel, courtesy of Byron Preis Visual Pub. Inc.

“Neuromancer” Role Playing Game available from Interplay

The film “Akira” copyright MCMLXXXVII, the Akira Committee

“Hackers” by Steven Levy available from Anchor / Doubleday

Stealthware by Loren Amsden

Jewelry by Famous Melissa & Co.

Psychedelia from “Illuminations” courtesy of Ken Jenkins, Immediate Future Prod.

Illustration by Taro Suzuki

Dr.Rosen’s research funded by Veteran’s Affairs

“Shadowrun” Role Playing Game available from FASA Corp.

“Opera Industriel” & “Chromosaurs” courtesy of Pacific Data Images

“Circuit’s Edge” Role Playing Game available from Infocom

Cellular Imaging Executed with “Rudy Rucker’s CA Lab” Available from Autodesk

Virtual Reality courtesy of : Autodesk Inc., NASA-Ames, Sense8 Corp., VPL Research Inc.

Camera : Stuart MacClelland, John Sparks, Robert Drangle, Tom Hartung, Marco Kaos

Edited at Northstar Video Ltd.
Editor Harry Douglas, Asst. Editor J.C. McGlone, Asst. Editor Charles Weber

Sound mixed at Aquarius Music Prod. Sound Mixer James Regan

Technical Consultant – Robert F. Sullivan

Thanks to :

Chris Allis & Grant Blaha / Autodesk

David Bermant Foundation

Brilliant Color Cards

Peter Conn / Homer & Assoc.

Vincent Cordasco / Scrap Bar

Anthony Defilippis

Marc DeGroot & David Benman / VPL

Colyer Dupont

Daniel Gros

Katie Haffner

Michael Hutchinson

Donald G. James / NASA-Ames

Jeff Koons

Mu & R.U. / Mondo 2000

Brian Pamer / VRP

Gregory Rukavina

Brian Schindele

Wes Thomas

Rick Webb / 3220 Gallery

Christine Zarrer / Synchro Energize

Raymond Zilinskas

& everyone who saw it coming

Copyright 1990
Intercon Production / Peter von Brandenburg
©XMM All Rights Reserved

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