Where the time stood still


Where Time Stood Still is an isometric 3D arcade adventure game released by Ocean in 1988 for the Sinclair Spectrum 128K, MS-DOS and Atari ST. The game has since been released on the Amiga in July 2014, and was converted from the Atari ST version with some enhancements which were not present in other iterations. The game was produced by Denton Designs as a follow-up to their successful 1986 title The Great Escape.

A plane has crashed in a remote and unknown plateau of the Himalayas. To their horror, the survivors soon discover that it is populated by dangerous prehistoric creatures and tribes.

The player must guide the party of four survivors – the pilot, Jarret, and his three passengers – to safety, avoiding dinosaurs, cannibals and natural dangers, while also ensuring they are sufficiently rested and fed during the long and difficult journey.

The graphics are rendered in isometric 3D projection. The Atari ST and Spectrum versions are monochrome while the DOS version uses four-color CGA. The DOS version has no music, with sounds limited to PC speaker beeps and clicks. The Amiga version for the most part is a 1:1 rendition of the Atari ST version, but does have some notable enhancements such as full introduction sequence, based on the comic book style adverts that were available and enhanced music that utilise the Amiga better.


Amiga configuration screen

When the WTSS Title screen appears (where it comes up with a language choice), you can press F8 at any time to bring up the Amiga configuration screen.

F3 – Screen Redraw type

Type 1 = CPU redraw
Type 2 = Blitter redraw

This basically selects between pure CPU redraw conversion of the ST to Amiga screen or the use of blitter. Anything 020+ should use type 1, anything less should use type 2

F4 – Music

Self explanatory. Unlike the other options, changing the music can only be done when this Amiga Configuration screen is onscreen, because of the loading and depacking to memory, the other options are instant and can be accessed without the Amiga Configuration screen being visible.

F5 – Spectrum Mode

Its called me being a twat! The Spectrum version didn’t look quite that bad, but its not far off it

F6 – Speed Throttle

Basically press to select whatever works best for you. The faster the processor you have, the higher Speed throttle rating you should be using to scale the speed down, otherwise health and strength meters will dwindle very quickly!

M – Toggle music on or off

Space Bar – Toggle Character/object menu

F1 on title screen – Toggles German or English text. Default is English.


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