Timeless C64-14

Wave Hero

This game was submitted to the «2018 Reset64 4KB Craptastic Game Competition». Read more about the competition here.

Game objective

How far can you go on your PWC (personal watercraft), without hitting any rocks or reefs?

You start off slowly, but the speed automatically increases as you reach various distance milestones.

Game controls

Use a joystick in port two.

Press and hold fire button when your PWC is in water to make it go downwards. Release fire button to make it go upwards and into the air, to avoid rocks and reefs.

How high in the air your PWC will go depends on its depth in the water when the fire button was released.

When you hit a rock or reef, press the fire button to return to the title screen.

Watercraft specifications

Manufacturer CWG Inc.
Model WH-64
Production year 2018
Color Red, white and black
Top speed 70 mph (~113 km/h)


Game design and programming by Geir Straume.


Click here to download a zip file containing the game in .D64 format.


Bellringer III


«Bellringer III» is a game which was submitted to the «C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2013», organised by RGCD.

Game objective

You are the Bellringer, whose mission is to find your way through various castles, and collect as many bags of gold as possible on your way. You will be awarded 750 pts for each bag collected.

Avoid the evil knights and other bad guys who guard the castle. Your health will decrease when you get too close to them, or if you are hit by arrows or other objects which they use to attack you (and this actually includes boiling hot water!)

If you find a small, yellow box in one of the castles, you should pick it up to refresh your health.

The game will end when you run out of health, or if you should be so unlucky to fall or jump into the fire at the end of a castle.

You may kill enemies by using the fire button to throw «magic» at them. Please note that your supply of magic is limited, but you may find something in a castle which will increase your supply again…

There are eight bells at the end of each castle, and you need to ring four of them in the correct order. All bells (except one of them) will lower a wall and raise another, or extend a bridge part and retract another, when you pull their rope. You need to be positioned directly below a bell and then jump straight up in order to pull a rope. When both walls are lowered and both bridge parts are extended, you may exit the castle to the right.

You will be awarded a bonus which depends on how many bells you had to ring to be able to exit the castle. The bonus will be at least 1000 pts.

Game controls

Use a joystick in port two:

Left Move left
Right Move right
Up Climb up ladder or jump
Down Climb down ladder
Fire Throw magic

Press the fire button to start the game.


Game design, programming and graphics by Geir Straume.
Music, sound effects and Music/FX player by Sean Connolly.

Version history

Changed some levels to make them slightly harder, and added two more levels. The game now also features a high score list with name entry, and some minor graphical adjustments have been made.

Fixed a bug which could cause the player sprite to get stuck at certain places in level 1, just after picking up a bag of gold.

Initial version submitted to the «C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2013».


Click here to download a zip file with the final version of the game (in CRT format, for use in an emulator such as VICE).



Portal is one of those games you have to study a bit before to play but then the fun comes…

Portal is a puzzle-platform video game developed and published by Valve Corporation.

(from Wikipedia) Portal consists primarily of a series of puzzles that must be solved by teleporting the player’s character and simple objects using “the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device”, a device that can create inter-spatial portals between two flat planes. The player-character, Chell, is challenged and taunted by an artificial intelligence named GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System) to complete each puzzle in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center using the portal gun with the promise of receiving cake when all the puzzles are completed.

Portal, for the C64, was written by Myself, with Graphics by Del Seymour and Music by Roy Widding, all rights to the characters and storyline etc belong to Valve, this is purely a fan homage to such a great game.
How to play…
Portal, for the C64, was designed to feel like a modern PC game, and so was designed with mouse and keyboard as the control method of choice.
To play using a mouse you will need a 1351 Commodore Mouse (or compatible adapter etc) plugged into port 1.
To play using a joystick, plug it into port 2.
Either option you choose is purely to control the aiming, keyboard is always used to control Chell.

Mouse Mode:
A/D = Left/Right
E – Action/Pickup/Drop etc
Mouse Move = Aim Portal Gun
Left Mouse = Fire Blue Portal
Right Mouse = Fire Orange Portal
Run Stop = Exit Level (you can start again from the last level)

Joystick Mode:
A/D = Left/Right
E – Action/Pickup/Drop etc
Joystick Move = Aim Portal Gun
Joystick Button = Fire Current Chosen Colour Portal
R = Switch Portal Colour (this also happens automatically after shooting a portal)
Run Stop = Exit Level (you can start again from the last level)


Navigate Chell (1) through each level, making your way to the exit point (2), there are a number of obsticles in your way and puzzles to solve, along the way you’ll encounter switches (3) which will release your trusty companion cubes (4) you can use these to activate pads (5) which will open certain walls (9). they can also block the wayu of turrets (6) . there are also different kinds of walls, red ones (7) allow you to walk through but not shoot trough, green walls (8) can only be shot through, not walked through.

GlaDOS will appear before every level to give some occasionally useful tips!
And don’t forget to keep a note of the level codes (10) so you can restart at that level next time you play.
IMPORTANT: Portals can only materialise on the light grey blocks.

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