Timeless C64-16


A C64 Game by Gaetano Chiummo that comes directly and apparently from the fantastic world of kid novels.

From its description:

It’s Christmas Eve, and Little George is waiting for Santa Claus to bring him some new toys. He’s watching his favourite super-heroes cartoon shows, and he feels so involved that he climbs on the shelf where the TV is, making it fall on the floor, where it turns into pieces. George is safe and sound (only a bit scared), but his daddy is furious: the TV is still under guarantee, but he planned to watch the Christmas concerts and some sport events: who will repair the TV during the holidays? Well, I won’t (I even can’t!), will you? :D
So, as a punishment, our little super-hero will not get any gift for Christmas! He goes to bed in tears, but the Toy Fairies can’t stand and watch him crying, so they decide to send him to the “Dream World”, where he can get any toys he wants! The problem is, the “Dream World” is full of angry toys and other dangerous things which will try to stop Super George and let him wake up with empty hands. Anyway, our hero can throw marbles against them, but some are stronger than others, and some are invincible.


Battle in the Woods

Another quiet adventure platform by Vox Vg.

Guide Eddie through the woods to the castle, throwing pebbles at the mutants and guards. Pick up treasure. Eddie can also enter the water as well as walk through the woods.
Watch out for the mutant’s poison, or the enemies weapons. Defeat the wizard to break the spell.

Extra lives are awarded for every 10,000 points scored. Good luck!

Use a joystick in either port
UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT = Walk direction
FIRE = Throw stone
RUN/STOP = Pause Game
Q (Paused) = Quit Game back to title screen

C64 Download

Ceti 21

A Space-Ground Battle brought to you by superb coder Richard Bayliss

Humans have been transported across to a new moon, CETI 21. For many years, humans settled on this planet. However aliens also tried to invade it. A security system at Sentinel Security Plant was set up in order to thwart future alien attack. Unfortunately, after a recent computer OS update, the system crashed – prompting shut down to all defences. Unfortunately aliens decided to take advantage and start an invasion on CETI 21. They breached the security systems, entered the inner core and rigged the mainframe with one of their own. Now the defence systems have turned against the human race.
Your mission is to control a low level flying drone, ULTRAX 18 through 3 sectors and do battle against the aliens and rogue defence security systems. Then locate the aliens’ mainframe supercomputer and destroy it. Once you have destroyed it. Peace and stability across CETI 21 will be restored. Avoid shooting drones, parked on the runways – otherwise you will have to pay the price. Good luck commander.

C64 Download


A very odd name for this game by Mo Dernart/PlayOrbit where you will have to collect and run.

Guide your bubble safely across the labyrinth, but watch out for the terror that lurks beneath. At the start of the game, collect the key to give you a clue what you will need to pick up. Avoid colliding into certain background as they are pretty much electrified. Touch anything deadly and pop goes your bubble.


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