Timeless C64-18

Boulder Dash Junior III

The Classic Boulderdash revisited in a new elegant shape and renewed adventure!

Download :

4M Arena

This looks extremely funny and original. A Battle between spaships in a space arena !



Pagoda Warrior II

Fight your way through 4 different Pagodas. Take down a criminal cult worshiping a flying snake. In this game you need to finally confront the criminal’s god in flesh (scales) and bones and vanquish this evil cult forever. To get to this unearthly foe, you need to pass through the building garden, sneak into the dungeons of the palace and then climb up through the offices and finally reach the roof, where you’ll face your long time enemy. Throw unlimited ninja stars at anything in sight, and rescue the good spirits that need your help. Good luck warrior!

SEUCK Version: Standard by Sensible Software
Graphics and Game Design by
Stefano “Mc.Valdemar” Canali
Richard Bayliss
Amount of players:
1 Player
Extra code/Mods: N/A
Extras (if any):
Full instruction manual and additional screen shots. It is also highly recommended that you read the instructions first before playing this game.
Build Version: 1.1


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