Timeless C64-19

Legion of the Damned 3

Coed -Elyon, is under threat from an evil spell, which is caused by a sacred stone, known as the Brex Rune.

As Xandra, a fearless female fighting warrior. You must locate and destroy the deadly Brex Rune, heavily guarded by an evil demon. If you encounter the demon, you must find a way to destroy the stone. That stone can be found at Yaxley Tower. If you are to get this far, you must fight hard, encounter Faes, which will give you spells in which will help you on your quest. Good luck. The fate of Coed-Elyon depends on you.

SEUCK Version: Standard by Sensible Software
Graphics and Game Design by VG VOX
Music: Richard Bayliss
Amount of players: 1 Player
Extra code/Mods: N/A
Extras (if any): N/A
Build Version: 1.0


Iceblock Plus

Iceblock Plus by Psytronik Software, a C64 game by Karl Hörnell, who produced C64 classics like Clean Up Service, Fungus and Velocipede.

Iceblox Plus is a Pengo style game that sees you control Pixel Pete with the aim to collect gold coins trapped in ice.



Neutron is a fast-paced vertical shoot-em-up for the Commodore 64 (PAL).

Programming, graphics, and sound by Sarah Jane Avory.

Neutron, a re-born version of the game coded a long time ago.

9 challenging stages of increasing difficulty.
Player weapon upgrades.
3 different background styles.
Over 18 types of enemies.
Mid-stage mini-bosses.
End of stage boss.

Joystick in port 2, or Keyboard:

S – Up.
X – Down.
< – Left. > – Right.
SPACE – Fire!


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