Timeless C64 Volume 2:

1)The Sky is Falling

2)Space Trip 2086



The Sky Is Falling is the fantastic debut C64 release from Stuart Collier, based on an original game by Ovine by Design, assisted with graphics by Trevor Storey and funky soundtracks from Richard Bayliss.


The intrepid explorer Orangeman is having a really bad day! Not only is the roof of the cave he is exploring collapsing but he is being chased by a massive boulder as well! Luckily he brought a bunch of tools with him which he can hurl at the cave roof to smash the sharp stalactites that are descending towards him. Can you help Orangeman escape from the caves before he is squished?


• Lots of caves to escape from!

• Grab the power-ups to smash those stalactites!

• Animated level-complete cut-scenes!

• Bonus animated demo!

• Catchy soundtracks!

• PAL and NTSC compatible!



SPACE TRIP 2086 by Psytronik Software, an Achim Volkers & Saul Cross production for the Commodore 64! Infiltrate captured transport ships that have been taken over by aliens! Use the computers to take control of the ships systems, but watch out for the rampaging robots!


You are Captain Steve Zappa. Transport ships were captured by unknown aliens. Your mission is to eliminate all aliens and get the ships under control again. Good luck!


• Explore ships using elevator systems!

• Hack ship systems using credit cards!

• Charge your laser to blast those droids!

• Gorgeous Braybrook-esque bas-relief graphics!

• Includes bonus shoot ’em up game SPACE TRIP 2085!

• Disk also includes music demo, doc file + more!



Credits :

Crack  …. O’Dog of Laxity
Trainer  …. O’Dog of Laxity
Original Supply  …. O’Dog of Laxity
Loader  …. 6R6 of Nostalgia, SHAPE
Help  …. Didi of Laxity

Intro used in this crack:

Laxity Intro #66 (Borderless) by Laxity

Download :

http://csdb.dk/getinternalfile.php/157679/VVVVVV_+_LAXITY.d64 (downloads: 843)

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