Timeless C64-20


C64 game based on the 1970’s Manga UFO Robo Grendizer or Goldrake, has recently been released by The Hokuto Force.

Developed using SEUCK, is inspired by a classic cartoon and features graphics and music by VG VOX.

Download :
http://csdb.dk/getinternalfile.php/182180/goldrake +1.prg

Space Orbs

Interstellar aliens have arrived in the vicinity of Earth with ill intent. Instead of ordinary weapons they deploy biological orbs that will cause devastation on Earth if they reach critical mass!
Take your time, plan ahead, this is a matching game where nothing happens until you make a move!
Bring a friend to tackle the infestation from the other end.
Just don’t let the orbs reach critical mass!

Two players work together to match 3 orbs of the same color. Game progresses after each player move, not by time.

How To Play

The goal is to reduce the threat of critical mass from the buildup of alien space orbs.A level is complete when the side bars are at the bottom. If the side bars fill up the game is over.

Move ship up and down using the joystick up and down.
Push and pull orbs by pressing left and right on the joystick.
Play with one or two joysticks in port 1 or port 2.
Press Fire to switch sides unless switching is disabled.
Keyboard for Player 1 is q/e for left/right, s/x for up/down.
Keyboard for Player 2 is o/u for left/right, k/, for up/down.
Keyboard fire is C= or /
Press Run/Stop to return to Title Screen



Lily Lander

An endless game of leaping from one lilypad to the next!
A true 8-bit modern retrogame, coded in machine language from scratch, Lily Lander boasts real pixel art credentials.


PAL C64 (chill mode)
NTSC C64 (not-so-chill mode)
C64 Emulator
or, a MISTer loading the C64 core


Joystick button 1 or spacebar to play


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