<Kobo is a space shooter game which can be considered as a “port” of Kobo Deluxe for the Commodore 64 platform.

There are many similarities like maps or enemies, but the algorithms were altered to better fit to the platform limitations. It was written in 6502 assembler (64tass) for performance reasons.

As Gameplay isn’t too much frenetic as others in its genre. Music is really appropriate by pushing into action. Well done !


  • 50 levels, procedurally generated maps
  • Triple buffered, 25fps, 8 directional scroll
  • Multicolor character graphics with sprite overlay
  • 10+ enemy types, simple AI, overwhelming number of enemies/bullets
  • PAL/NTSC timing compatible
  • Runs on C64, C128 in C64 mode, C64 DTV, SuperCPU64
  • Joystick or keyboard control


Cookie is a simple game for C64 reminding so far Tapper.


Pirate Island is a RPG adventure for lovers of its genre and of pirate adventures.


Same for Monster Combat from same author:

And last not least Sword and Sorcery:


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