Timeless C64-9

Moon over Afghanistan

You are Captain Moon, sent on a random suicide mission to Afghanistan, with the intention of relieving your own troops of their-mind capture from aliens that have invaded the area. Naturally, they are after you precious oil silos and drills near the River Panj. (Note: The author has not verified the reality of this oil related business, the all comes as an afterthought.)



Inspired by censored film Rollerball from 1975., directed by Norman Jewison and starring James Caan, one of the best cinema experiences on this genre.

It was ahead of Image Works Speedball times but not remained behind.

Rocketball came in a Single Cassette Case.It boasted super-smooth scrolling, being written in 100% Machine code, and a shadow on the ball.



An unfinished game based on Flyboy arcade machine from 1982 by Kaneko, recently brought back by GTW64.





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