>Tower57 is the love child of Alien Breed and The Chaos Engine, a fast paced action / arcade game with lots of insane weapons and challenging enemies. The game is currently being developed by benitosub and artist Cyangmou.

The core features we are focusing on right now are:

  • 16-bit style pixel art
  • interactive / destructible environments
  • an online coop mode designed as a core feature rather than an afterthought
  • engine designed to promote emergent gameplay
  • cross platform Mac / Windows / Linux

I’m a bit wary of making this first post too long / boring, so I’ll just leave you with a few screenshots, but if anybody is interested in discussing any aspect of the game (be it about the tools used to create the art, the engine itself, gameplay features, or even just our sources of inspiration) please don’t hesitate to post here!

Also, Cyangmou regularly streams the creation of the art assets, so if you’re a pixel art lover you should probably check out his twitter feed where he announces the streams (@cyangmou)


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