Transistor Cyberpunk Battle

Transistor Cyberpunk Battle

Transistor doesn’t stray too far from the roots laid down by Supergiant Games’ excellent debut title Bastion.

It’s an action role playing game full of vivid colors, a gravelly-voiced narrator, and very satisfying combat. All of these things were apparent during the all-too-brief demo I played at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco last week. But there are differences, and in some ways they make the game slicker and more appealing. There’s the cyberpunk-esque setting, for one, which replaces the fantasy-meets-Western world of Bastion. Perhaps more important are the changes to the combat, which let you attack enemies in both real time and turn-based battles — or a combination of the two. It’s flexible and strategic, and even in its early pre-alpha state, it’s a game that I wanted to keep playing long after the demo was over.


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