True Skin



>True Skin by Stephan Zlotescu is a visual effects artist who has apparently worked with Kanye West and Lady Gaga. In his spare time he has been conceiving and directing a short film called “True Skin,” which is a neon cyberpunk film very clearly inspired by William Gibson’s seminal novel “Neuromancer.” The story follows a man, or, rather, a cyborg slumming about in Bangkok for some more cybernetic enhancements. Just as he is about to “insure” his memories… No, not going to spoil it.

“True Skin” is incredibly slick looking, though the acting is flat. And as The Telegraph’s Scott Jordan Harris notes, it’s very derivative of “Blade Runner” in look and feel. Zlotescu does some great things with effects, and the neon look of this near future world is darkly beautiful, but it does seem to dependent on “Blade Runner” for its aesthetic.

Apparently Zlotescu is angling for a feature film deal. He’ll probably get some offers. Hopefully they get him to lose the narration.

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